There is no glory without the glory of the country and its citizens. We have to be proud of our forefathers, who were able to face the harshness of life with a strong will and dedication to shaping a better collective future. H.H.Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan

Our Objectives

  • Disseminating awareness with the significance of the urban heritage preservation.
  • Providing a mechanism for cooperation between official Authorities and public institutions concerned with the urban heritage preservation.
  • Offering consultation and advice to the competent authorities in the state, in terms of the urban heritage preservation, and the enrichment of the tourist value of historic constructions.
  • Active contribution and seeking to draft the legislation and laws for the urban heritage preservation at both the Federal and Local levels.
  • Documentation, studying and propagation of information on the urban heritage, technical approaches, the policies and legislation concerned with the preservation thereof.
  • Assigning a center for documentation, registration and studying urban heritage in the state.
  • Initiating and coordinating training and educational programs for the specialists and the concerned parties with the urban heritage.
  • Issuing publications and periodicals on the urban heritage preservation.
  • Coordinating with the Educational Authorities and Institutions, in order to apply and include the urban heritage in the educational curriculum in the state.
  • Contributing with the competent authorities to include the historical sites and buildings in the state registers, as well as the records of International Organizations.
  • Coordinating and joining forces with the concerned organizations, entities, institutions, centers, as well as the relevant Regional and International Councils.
  • Effective participation in the conferences, seminars and workshops interested in the urban heritage preservation within and outside the state.
  • Following up the execution and implementation of International recommendations concerned with the urban heritage preservation.
  • Participating, contributing and partaking in the numerous events that realize and attain the objectives of the Association.


"Preservation of the architectural heritage of U.A.E. and its consolidation up gradation and dissemination of the awareness o the heritage."