Lectures, Seminars & Conferences

The Architectural Heritage Society has been contributing to the organization of many lectures, seminars and conferences specialized in urban and oral heritage and national identity during, and it also introduces the national heritage of the country during the visits of the Society’s delegations to various countries of the world, the most prominent of which are:

  • Architectural Heritage Conference in the Islamic State (Riyadh-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
  • Symposium on the city of "New Magic" (Chisinau-Moldova).
  • Architectural heritage in Dubai. (Podgorica, Montenegro).
  • Preserving the Architectural heritage in the United Arab Emirates (Beijing - China).
  • Architectural Heritage in the Emirates (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

"National Identity" lecture by His Excellency Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan

"Dubai, a label & a reality" lecture by His Excellency Ibrahim Bumelha

"Emirati Folk Literature" Lecture by Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Muslim

"Natural Ventilation of Historic Buildings" Lecture by Dr. Rashid Al-Shaali

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